Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I ran across an interesting blog for all my right-wing, SUV-loving, Dittohead, anti-union, richest 1%, get-rich-on-the-little-guy, Bush-hugging, war-loving friends. I picked this from their site.
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Kendaria said...

Dude you are brainwashed. May God have mercy on your soul.

Pauly said...

I am brainwashed by the fact that on September 11, terrorists on a "holy war" attacked US soil, killing 3000 Americans. And now we have other sypathysers in a lockdown in a tropical location, giving them 3 meals a day, respecting thier dietary beliefs, giving them their holy book to read, providing them with prayer rugs and the time to pray.
They have more under US captivity than they did in their own country. They have more rights than Christian schoolkids do in the US. They get more humane treatment than any US prisoner, civilian or soldier, has ever had in their country. None of them has been brutally beheaded, tortured, or beaten and torn apart naked on our streets by US citizens.
Excuse me... who is the one brainwashed?

Sar said...

You had me a little nervous for a second there. ;)