Thursday, June 09, 2005

Maybe I Should Have Said Victim?

I believe in freedom of speech, even stupid speech said out of anger, hurt, or ignorance. My friend, Gregger, who sent me the link to the last post, pointed something out to me that I needed to consider. He said, "I do believe guys like him have been wounded deeply in some way. By a father, authority figure or whatever." You're right, Gregger, even if he is a moron, he probably has a reason for his hatred.
I would agree that there is probably some deep wounds in his past that makes him want such negative attention. It's hard to imagine why someone who enjoys his freedom to say such hurtful things would be angry at those who protect that freedom for him. Usually people like that have anger toward people in their past who have abused them in some way. I hate to judge on looks, but after watching the interview, he reminds me of the kind of person I would have bullied or picked at in school. He reminds of someone I would have liked to hit, trip, or push down the stairs. Not that I spent my time doing that, but I and my friends could be pretty brutal if we had the right victim. I'm not proud of that, and even apologized to someone at my 25th high school reunion for making such an ass of myself in high school.
Back to Michael. He needs prayer. He needs love. He needs a good ass kicking friend to encourage him. I still contend that being a victim is no excuse for stupidity and hatred.

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