Saturday, May 31, 2008

I pooped out

I bravely started the Tour d' Temple with 168 other riders this morning, fully intending on riding the 100Km (62.5 miles) route. I averaged about 16.5 mph to the 2nd rest stop, about 21.5 miles out. I was feeling pretty good, not tired, confident in my exercise and nutrition this past week. The wind was from the south, about 12-16 mph, so I had an easy ride until then.

Mother Neff State Park was the site of the 2nd rest stop. It's the oldest state park in Texas, and has some beautiful old pecan and oak trees - some over 100 years old. It's one of my favorite scenic places in Texas, and has so much shade, it's always about 10 degrees cooler than anywhere else. It's also on the Leon River, which feeds into Lake Belton. With the rains last year, the entire park was underwater. It's recovered maybe about 65%. None of the buildings have reopened.

At Mother Neff - underneath some pecan trees.

I took off from MNSP onto the 100k route.

Here's the road right outside of MNSP.

Up a nice climb, then turned onto Moody-Gatesville Parkway (Hwy 107) toward the east - and into the wind. Then south, back to MNSP - right into a wind so stiff, I had to pedal downhill. When I reached the park again, I realized I was the LAST person on the 100k loop. The rest behind me had already quit or turned at the 50 mile turnaround. I was still making decent time, about 15 mph average, so I was still OK. My legs were feeling a little tired, but I continued to fuel with e-water and oranges. the next part of the ride started going bad around 35 miles. Then it happened - I hit the wall at 40 miles. I figured if I just continued, I'd get my second wind, but it never happened. I had to dismount around 41 miles and take another break, then I was just looking for the next rest stop. I thought maybe I would recover, and at least go 50 miles, or even finish on the 50 mile route - which would have let me ride in with about 56 miles.... nope. When I got to the last rest stop, I felt spent. I knew my body was telling me to stop. And even though I know I could have maybe gone another 10-12 miles, it was against a headwind, and I decided to call in the SAG. Poop.
I think a combo of not riding much the past week, the wind, and going to bed late last night. I got beat by the wind, heat, and just exhaustion. So I rode in an air conditioned truck back to the start...44.6 miles, according to the Vetta.

So I came back home for a cold Dos Equis and some pizza.

My route: