Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I have a lot to be thankful for
I am thankful for...
my family
my life
my relationships
my business
my church
God's grace
A warm, dry, comfortable house

I used to be poor and now I'm not
I used to worry and now I don't
I used to fret and now I laugh
I used to be sick and now I'm healthy
I lost my Dad to cancer, but I gained insight to my life and purpose
I made the best with what I had, and I learned to appreciate what I have instead of being mad about what I don't
I used to be closed, cynical, and shut off, but I've learned to love, accept, and like people
I used to be mean, but even little kids like me now
I used to hate, but I learned compassion
I used to think I was better than others, but I know myself well enough now to know I'm not
I'm thankful I learned I can't control what people think, do, or say - but I can control how I react
I'm glad I don't have to be perfect to be happy

A Thanksgiving poem

Eat well
Love your family
And if it's anything you pass
Make sure it's the gravy
And not the gas

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Birthday Cards

I got some great birthday cards this year. Some of them funny, a couple of serious ones... I'm so thankful for those that either sent me a card or wrote me an email. Even the people at my office gave me a card, and decorated my office with pink and white streamers. Made me feel special.

But the greatest timing and most coveted card I got was...............................(and I have been waiting for this)......................
My AARP Membership Card!!!

They don't miss a beat... I guess I can finally say I've arrived. WOOOO HOOOO!!!
I can hardly wait to start asking for the discounts.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Made It!

I made it to half-time....the half-time of life. 50 years old today, and I feel great. I also accomplished a major goal today - I rode 51 miles on my bike! My odometer said 51.8 miles, but the map said slightly under... (see below. )

At any rate, riding 50 miles on my 50th birthday was what I was hoping to do, so what's a few tenths of a mile between us anyway??? My first phone call this morning was from my all-time favorite little girl, Isabella. She called me right as I was getting ready to leave, so it made my day. I took some pics:

(If you click on the pictures, you get the full-size view)

Here I am about 6 miles out, thinking this was a BAD mistake - maybe I'll delay this til tomorrow - I had a 20-25 mph wind in my face all the way to Moody (24 miles) -
(This is my "Oh shit, what am I doing?" look...)

I watched the trains switch tracks in Pendleton

It was cold - it only warmed up to about 61 by the time I finished

Getting closer to Moody - I took a break around 20 miles

Moody - the half-way point. After I made the turn, I made it home in half the time it took me to get there.

So that's my big adventure - time for a hot bath and a cold beer. Here's my ride:

Monday, November 05, 2007

Easy does it

I've been sick for the last 3 weeks, since the 100 hole golf marathon I did on Oct 15th. I guess that's what I get for killing that poor water moccasin with a mouse in its mouth. Beat him with a 3 wood.
Today was the first ride I have taken since before then, so I decided to take it easy. I am hoping tomorrow I can fulfill my goal of 50 miles on my 50th birthday - but it will have to be a slow ride, and I'll need to prepare for some wicked weather. I'm not sure when the cold front is supposed to blow in; either tonight or tomorrow morning. The wind will shift from the south to the north, bringing 20-30 mph winds. That makes for a tough ride. I am planning a northerly trek to begin, so I'll have the wind to my back when I make my turn. I'll update tomorrow.
This morning was a beautiful fall morning, and I enjoyed getting back in the saddle. Even more, I didn't ride hard so I was able to enjoy some quiet time in prayer, and reflect a little on my life. I am finally at half-time. I wonder what the rest of my life has in store. Sometimes I feel I haven't accomplished that much, but I realize I am only comparing myself to others instead of being glad for what God has done with me so far. When I think of all the miraculous things I have seen, done, and allowed to happen, I am overwhelmed with the magnitude of God's grace. I wonder how He has brought me this far.
I'll write more, because these past few weeks I have been introspective - and it has yielded some deep thoughts. I promise to share more soon. Here's my easy ride this morning: