Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Michael Crook = Michael Moore?

Michael Crook is a moron. Here is a clip of Sean Hannity kicking his ass on FOX. I wonder how idiots like this can rationalize their "freedom of speech" and attack those that protect their freedom to say stupid things that they do. The US Armed Forces may not be the best career choice for everyone, but those who choose to serve choose an honorable and respectful profession. Maybe he doesn't agree with war, military as a career, or what soldiers do, but his "right" to speak out is misdirected. His website,, has been taken down. Maybe he figured out he was stupid after all...
I am honored to work with soldiers every day. While not all of them may be of the highest intelligence, and a few have some major issues, they are nevertheless serving their country, and do so willingly. I have the highest regard for those who choose to serve the USA in the military service.
Thanks, Gregger, for sending this to me.

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