Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Things That Tick Me Off

1. People who use "loosing" instead of "losing." Buy a dictionary. Spell checkers only go so far.
2. People who insist on driving 2 mph under the speed limit in the left lane, and especially when every half mile there is a sign that says in BIG BLOCK LETTERS, "LEFT LANE FOR PASSING ONLY." Learn to read, follow instructions, and get the hell over!
3. Someone who tries to ride my tail after I pass them, just because I have a radar detector and they're too freaking cheap to get their own. That's why I like my Benz. I can shake you when you're too chicken to keep up over 120 mph.
4. People who leave anonymous comments on blogs. Are you too afraid for us to see yours?
5. People who can't find things out for themselves. Learn. I don't get paid to teach you.
6. Light beer.
7. Women with 5 inch curled fingernails. Do you REALLY think that's attractive? How do you wipe?
8. People that write checks in the express lane, and then wait until they're totaled up to even pull out their freaking checkbook.
9. People that split checks at lunch to the penny... and then they won't leave a tip.
10. People who dog Christians for being intolerant. And they lump us all in the same judgment, without trying to listen. Isn't that kind of intolerant and judgmental?
11. Stupid people, morons, and idiots. Those that think their side is the only side.
12. Rude retail people.
13. Bad manners.
14. People who curse in public.
15. People who follow every sentence with, "KnowwhatI'msayin'?" Yes, I know what you're saying, you moron... you're saying, "I'm stupid."
16. People who don't turn their cell phones down in public places, especially at a funeral. Are you really that freaking important? You can't leave your phone on vibrate or in your car for a few minutes to respect he sanctity of a funeral? HMMMMMMMMMM???
17. Kids who don't respect their parents.
18. Bad coffee.
19. People who enjoy their freedom enough to openly complain and criticize everything they hate about America. Move.
20. Liberals whining about the same stuff. You lost, get over it.
21. People who think I want to hear their bass. Inside my house. At night, as they drive down my street. Slowly. Would you like to hear my shotgun?
22. Someone who wants to argue with me after they asked me for professional advice. If you're so smart, go get your own securities license, and don't ask me for advice.
That's just some things I had to get off my chest. And no, I don't feel any better.

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