Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Morning, Believing, and Trusting

This morning, like the last few mornings, it is cool outside. It's a pleasant low 70's, with a slight breeze. I know the temperature will break 90 again today, so I enjoyed taking advantage of the coolness while drinking my coffee outside on the back porch.
I love the sounds of the morning. It's quieter than the rest of the day, but there's a special sound of the world getting ready. The birds are certainly active. There's the sound of people driving to work, and generally it's a sound of preparation. I love it. It's totally different than the sound of the evening.
Either time, I love being out on the back porch, drinking my coffee in the morning or having a cold drink of something in the evening. But the morning....ah, the morning. It seems like it's the best time to think about things. I have a fresh start, a whole new day in front of me, and I can choose the direction and what I can do with the rest of the day. I can pray. I can listen to what God may be saying to me. I can cry out to Him in desperation, or I can just sit there and listen. Sometimes I just sit there and tell Him what I'm planning for the day. I'm sure it amuses Him at times.
The important thing of it all is that I get to just spend some time alone with Him, before Izzy wakes up, before the phone starts ringing, and before I have to start being busy. There are lots of demands on me during the day, but in the early morning, when I spend time with God, there are no demands. It's just a time of communion and fellowship. Two friends talking. Yes, friends...
God considered Abraham a friend, simply because "he believed God." (James 2:23) Believing God means trusting God, they are the same word. And Moses, in Exodus 33:11, spoke to God "as a man speaks to his friend." Yes, God is a friend, if you would allow Him to be.
For most of us, it's easy to believe IN God, easy to believe there IS a God, but do we dare believe (adhere to, trust in, and rely on,AMP) God? Do were dare consider Him and talk to Him as a friend?

Today, I choose to believe God. I choose to adhere to His precepts, commandments and judgments. I choose to trust Him for my provision, my direction, and my understanding. And I will rely on Him to get me through whatever today will bring.


Anne said...

How true, Paul. It just blows my mind that the God who created the Universe not only makes time to listen to me, but is constantly pursuing a relationship with us, His creation!!

P.S.You got me on the Frank Corrales or Little Joe and the family....I'm sure that their music would stump her - a genre she could educate herself in!

Pauly said...

I was just reminded of a song by Salvador "When I Pray". The words are as follows:
"The very same God
who dreamt of the oceans,
who put the stars into place,
He knows me by name.
Yes, the very same God
who put the world into motion
Is listening today
He hears what I say
When I pray..."

Someday soon I will do a post on the creation of the stars and heavens. I did a study a few months back on that and had a very cool revelation.

amy said...

i talk to God every single day. in my mind. out loud. but daily i do talk to him like he was riding in the car next to me :)