Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Spring Fever

I am definitely feeling crazy. There is a restlessness in me that surfaces from time to time. I think it comes after a period of boredom. School has me a little overwhelmed, my job is still at a standstill, and there's too many temptations to go find something more fun to do than study all the time. The weather has been just right to get out to the golf course too, and I finally just gave in yesterday and put my clubs in the trunk. Spring is officially here now! I was out at the driving range the other day....it was beautiful...65 degrees, sunny, the ground was a little wet, so we didn't actually get out on the course. Nevertheless, it was nice to get out there and hit some solid drives again. I feel the extra inch or so around my middle though. Time to get that off so I can swing a little better.
OK...I guess it's Spring Fever.


Dave said...

did i ever mention i don't like you paul :), i'll be golfing in april out in arizona for 10days so i'll be happier then

Pauly said...

Hehehehe... >} It seems the further north of Dallas you get, the less people like Texas. Especially in the wintertime. Just a consolation though, it was rainy and 50 all day today.
BUT...the sun will come out tomorrow....tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow...