Saturday, March 12, 2005

A Company Without a Soul

I hate Bank One. Maybe I should say, I hate the the corporate philosophy of Bank One. It's all about the bottom line. People don't really matter. Situations don't matter....logic overrules the heart or soul. They keep people that don't belong there and fire or pressure good ones out. I know that everyone is under pressure by higher-ups to perform.... I know, I was on commission. I didn't need pressure from my supervisor to perform. I had pressure from my creditors to perform. I needed HELP from my company that I gave so much to, not pressure. When the company made announcements of having to cut territory, I stepped up to the plate and tried to make the transition more palatable for me, easier for the company, and best for the customers. I knew it was going to be hard to make it with 80% of my territory taken from me. I knew it would take time to ramp-up commissions.
In the meantime, my dad was dying, we were forced out of our apartment (that's another long story) by some moronic apartment managers who couldn't think beyond the present moment, we bought a house and had to wait a month after closing to move, so we rented a house temporarily for 30 days....having to move twice in 30 days is extremely difficult. I went to my company and asked for a raise in my draw, which I was summarily denied. I could understand if I was a new employee with no track record... or if I had performed poorly in the past, but I was one of the better producers with a proven track record. I honestly believe that a little help financially from my company would have made me a more viable player. I could have at least paid my bills and had more ability to concentrate on my job.
The Bank One Corporation has no soul. It is full of rules to make things "fair" for everyone, which only makes things very unfair. No one is willing to bend the rules to keep a drowning person from sinking. Things got progressively worse for me all last year, which eventually led to me quitting on September 30. It was better for me being unemployed.
Things with Bank One didn't end there. They contested my unemployment insurance claim, which was affirmed in my favor by a decision by Texas Workforce Commission. Then they appealed the decision and got a telephone hearing granted which led to the re-affirmation of TWC's original decision. A letter from Bank One's third party advocate (fancy name for bully shark barracuda attorneys) promptly followed with a plea for the TWC appeals tribunal to reverse their decision. I got a letter from TWC on Thursday reaffirming their decision AGAIN, but with ANOTHER opportunity for their bully shark barracuda attorneys to appeal, and consequently, charge more to the corporation...and ultimately, the customer.
Again: I QUIT ON SEPTEMBER 30th! TWC paid me a TOTAL of $3900 in unemployment insurance benefits. Bank One pays this through insurance premiums. It's not like it costs them the whole $3900. This is almost 6 months later and they are still hanging on, ignoring the cost of their bully shark barracuda attorneys and fighting a $3900 unemployment claim. I would guess, and this is just a guess, that the cost of the bully shark barracuda attorneys is more than $3900. (Do you ever wonder what all those "service fees" pay for?)The Bank One Corporation has no soul. Their logic goes beyond reason because no one wants to go outside the rules. I'm glad I am not working for that company anymore.
Enough of that rant.

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