Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day after 22 years

Lots has been said by people about why they're glad to be single today, but I'd like to throw in some reasons I am glad for today: After 22 years of marriage, Valentine's Day has some different meaning.

There is anticipation, but not expectation of something romantic.

It doesn't have to be expensive, but it's nice if it is.

We don't (and won't) wait in line for an hour and a half, with reservations, to eat dinner. A simple dinner at home is sufficient. We can go out to eat any other night and make it just as romantic.

She's not my only's ok if I get Valentine's cards for my daughter, granddaughter and Mom. But she's my favorite and best Valentine and she knows it.

Knowing she still likes kissing me is enough.

We give each other cards because we want to, not because we want to.

When we sleep with each other we really sleep.

We say "I love you" because that's what we do every day anyway.

Before I sound like "the Last of the Great Romantics," let me just say that Linda and I are deeper in love than when we were when we first got married. Hell, we hardly knew each other when we first got married. It's taken a lot of years to grow in love and I can truthfully say I love her more today. We were talking about my trip to San Diego the other day.... she said she was going to miss me.
I asked her, "Why are you gonna miss this fat old cranky Meskin guy, anyway?"
"Because you're MINE," she replied.
Makes sense to me. That's what makes me want to come home.
I love you, Linda....Happy Valentine's Day.


Life is better blonde said...

Awwwww, that's SO sweet! I hope you two have a wonderful valentines day!!!

Cren said...

Hi Paulie! I'm glad you still love your Valentine! Me & ol' Bob went to dinner last night at the Little Red Barn - with the kids - and loved it just as much as Ruth's Chris...well, almost! You're right about not needing the fancy dinner and wine and roses; it's nice with those things, but it can be nice without them too. What's important is that we love each other and we love our kids - and we know it. Now I'm going to be a 'kid' and go eat dinner with my mama, because she needs me (and I need her). hearts to you and Lilla and Audish and Izzy

Dave said...

Your the man Paul, i hope when/if i ever get married i can say the same things on valentines day.

margie said...

Hi Paulie! I just got around to reading your latest...I scrolled down to Grandma's Birthday and I just wanted to let you know that Mom has the painting that was under the glass in Grandma Pita's living room. And you are right...I loved that was awesome especially at Christmas time. I also loved going over there for some good food, hot coffee, and great gossip! Ha Ha!