Monday, January 31, 2005

WORD IN SEASON taken from Steve and Marilyn Hills prayer letter

I get this "A Word in Season" regularly from Robert Fitts, a friend of mine. I might add: God made us human beings, not human doings.

Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

I asked that to a friend some time ago in the context of his involvement in the Kingdom of God. Do you want to look back at another 260 Sunday meetings and 12 conferences? Or do you want to look at sons and grandsons in God?

Leaders will say you are faithful if you attend all their meetings. The more who listen to them preach, the better they feel about themselves! But Jesus did not say, "Follow me and you will attend endless meetings!"

Some of the most faithful people in attendance at the meetings are those least filled with faith. They have been institutionalized. Their sense of worth, duty, fulfillment, responsibility is fulfilled by simply attending the meetings.

The promise of Jesus was that if we followed Him, He would make us "fishers of men". We cannot do that in a meeting! His command was that we were to "make disciples". He was accused of being "a friend of sinners". Could we be charged with the same offense? The religious leaders were angry that He would not serve their institutions!

Friendship is the foundation of winning and making disciples. The only requirement? Time invested in other lives. Time for meetings? Time for seminars? No time for people around you? Spiritual maturity is not how much you know. Spiritual maturity is fruitfulness- do you have disciples? Are they making disciples?

Where will you be five years from now?

Wrapping up another 260 meetings or releasing spiritual sons and daughters to their destiny to release the next generations of Jesus Christ?

Success is in the grandchildren!
Go for it!

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Can't say anymore to that! PT


Porkchop said...

Very interesting and thought provoking! When making decisions, I do not always have the immediate future in mind, rather "How will this effect my future children and grandchildren?"

Some people say I am old before my time, but, it is a interesting perspective to observe.

Pauly said...

I made a decision long ago to change my habits. My habits affect my future. My habits determine whether I'm going to be able to do what I want to do, or be stuck doing the things I put off doing. If I want to be fat, unhealthy and poor, I can have the habit of eating too much of the wrong things and spending instead of saving. Easy... doesn't take rocket science to figure that out. Unfortunately, lots of people find that out too late...