Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Orchid Story

Dad always had his own way of doing things. Before he died, he bought Mom an orchid that was supposed to bloom in the summer. Dad died May 15, and the summer went on without him...the orchid never bloomed. I guess we thought being a young plant, it would take another season for it to start.
Well, guess what? Christmas can be pretty lonely the first year following the loss of someone so close. Mom and Dad had been married 48 years and had as many Christmases together. shortly before Christmas, that crazy orchid began to bloom! It bloomed all the way through Christmas too. I took some pictures while I was at home visiting, and did a watercolor of the blooms.
Dad always hoped I would start painting again. It's funny the things we stop doing when life gets too busy. I quit painting for more than 20 years. Since Dad died, it's been one of the few things I could do to remember him and constructively grieve. I've completed 9 paintings since he died., and I have so many new ideas in my head for more.

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