Monday, January 24, 2005

Thoughts on school and determination

There is something to be said for doing things you didn't think you could do. I never thought going back to school would really be in my reach, but when I decided to actually do it, it was like nothing could stand in my way. I got a grant, even though my income the previous year was way above what might disqualify me, but through circumstances and persistence, I was able to secure a Pell Grant for the full amount, covering my tuition and books. I even have a little left over to pick up in the form of a check on February 1st. Amazing. It underscores what my dad always drilled in me: that if you want to do something bad enough, you'll find a way to do it. And because this is America, the greatest country in the world, nothing is out of reach. We all have the same opportunity.
I'm so proud of Audrey, my daughter that she decided to do the same thing. Seems like school is more of a struggle for her, but I believe in her and have no doubt she can finish and get on with what she is wanting to do. There's so many people that graduate from college and still have no clue. I've had a few of them as supervisors and I know the only reason they were there was because of that piece of paper. Some of them had no business being in a supervisory position, but that's another story.
I'm not going to let that stand in my way any more.

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