Thursday, January 27, 2005

Optimism, Habits and Choices

Even a week before he died, my dad believed he was going to get better and go back to work. I really believe that had he lived until 90, he would have been looking for another 30 year mortgage somewhere.
I inherited that trait, to a degree. I think my wife has helped me see things more realistically. She is my total opposite, and I am glad for that. I love mornings, because it lets me think about the rest of the day. Here I have a brand new day ahead of me, with another 12-18 hours of opportunity to make it something that will be worthwhile. What I do with it depends completely on my decisions.
I got up early to do some schoolwork. I still have some to do, but at least I know I have gotten some important things out of the way. Since I have done what I needed to do, now I can enjoy what I want to do. There is a philosophy that life isn't easy. I think the hard part is choosing to do the right things at the right time, and that too often we choose to do the wrong things. That's what makes it hard.
I am not advocating the notion that life is easy. It's not; but it's not hard either, unless we make it that way. It's all about habits, and what we decide to do on a regular basis. If I have a habit of sleeping late and being a slacker, I won't get things done, and pretty soon not-so-important things become very important and then urgent, then things get hard. If I form the habit of spending money I I haven't earned yet, and I get in a cycle of credit and overextending myself, things are going to get pretty hard for me. Instead, I have to conserve what I have and be thankful for it.
Life is full of choices. God puts good things and not-so-good things in front of us; He wants us to choose the good things first. It's all about what we choose. Today, I choose to keep things simple. Just for today. (I guess I better do my Algebra homework.)

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