Saturday, August 13, 2005

I Give You Permission

with thanks to Bob, who gave me the idea for this post...

I give you permission:
  • to ask me how I am doing, and not accept "Fine" for an answer
  • to ask me if I am telling you the truth
  • to ask my wife the same question
  • to ask me if I am struggling with any sin
  • to get real with me
  • to ask me about my prayer life
  • to ask me about where my relationship with God is
  • to ask me where my relationship with my wife and kids is
  • to ask me if I am being honest in all of my financial dealings
  • to ask me about my integrity
  • to put your arm around me and tell me you love me
  • to accept mine too
  • to pray for me
  • to call me no matter what time it is

Thanks, Bob...

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