Monday, August 01, 2005

Five Loaves of Bread and Two Skinny Fish

JC and His 12 running buddies were hanging out in his old 'hood of Nazareth, and JC had been speaking in the local church. The home boys and local preachers there heckled His teaching, because they just knew him as "Joe's kid"... from the woodshop. They remarked, "We knew that skinny boy growing up, His mama Mary, and His bro's, Jimmy, Josh, Pete, and Judas... and His sisters, don't they all live around here? Where does this Man get off talking like that?” They felt dissed by Him.
But JC said to them, “Man, I get respect everywhere else, just not in my old 'hood.” Because they didn't show him any respect, He didn't do many miracles there... so the boys and He all hoofed it out of there and went on.
Now, JC had just heard that His cousin, Johnny had his head cut off because of the king's daughter. He decided to take off out to the country where it was deserted, but when all the people heard about it, they all followed Him there from the different 'hoods. When JC saw all the crowd, His heart went out to them, and He spent some time praying for those that were sick. As night was approaching, the boys came and said, "Dude, we're way out here and it's getting late, send these fools home so they can get dinner." JC said to them, "Man, this party's just starting up, don't send them back, get them some food." His buddies said, "Man, all we have is like, five loaves of bread and two skinny fish."
JC just rolled His eyes (thinking, "These fools have been with me all this time and they still argue with me...") and said, "Bring it here to me." He told the crowd, "Y'all have a seat, get ready to feast!" He took the bread and the fish, looked up to heaven and blessed the meal. Then He broke up the bread, and gave it to the guys to pass it to the crowd. The party was on! JC just decided to hang out and laugh and talk with everyone, and not preach. Everyone ate, even seconds and thirds, until they were all full. When they were done partying, they all helped to pick up and they collected 12 baskets full of leftovers. It was said there were about 5000 men there, plus the women and children that came with them.
(my paraphrase from Matthew 13 & 14)

I think it's cool that Jesus just hung out with the crowd. I can imagine Him, cutting up and having fun with His followers, just being one of them. There's no mention of a sermon in this story, just compassion, prayer, and healing the sick. I imagine also there was wine to go with the meal, as people get thirsty while eating, so it had to be a heck of a party. I can't imagine a bunch of non-religious people, eating and drinking, just sitting there quietly, especially after many of them had just been healed! And after a few glasses of wine, I know some of those guys started singing and telling jokes.
This story is full of miracles. It's a story of compassion and the intense desire for fellowship Jesus had for those who were willing to follow Him into the countryside. Jesus must have realized this crowd didn't need to hear preaching, they just needed someone among them who spoke their language, recognized their needs, and gave them what they needed. They were tired, sick, and hungry, so He had them rest, He healed them, and He fed them. That's the Jesus I follow, the One who meets every need. That's the real miracle.

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