Wednesday, August 31, 2005

All differences aside...

I remember the attitude of Americans in the face of 9/11, for too short a period following that disaster. I noticed we were all more tolerant of each other, as Americans we recognized we had a common enemy and it was not each other. We rallied together, locking arms, and dropping political differences, setting aside religious differences, and looking beyond color and racial lines. It was a proud time to be an American.
Now here we have another type of disaster; a natural one. We see the pictures of the disaster unfolding, hear the broadcasts of the rescues, the looters, and the dead. We see those displaced by a vicious storm. It's time to act again, and come together as Americans. Our own are being displaced, have lost their homes and loved ones. There are so many left with literally, only the clothes on their back.
I have a nice home that I am thankful for. It's just my wife and I living here. We've got spare bedrooms. I've offered it up in for a family that may need a place to stay. If you know of someone who might need a place in central Texas, please contact me via my email link in my profile.

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