Saturday, August 12, 2006

Weird Stuff That Brings People In

It always amazes me some of the search keywords that bring people into my blog. Most of which I never actually write about, but happen to have the keywords in the text. These are the last 10 keyword searches:

  • bible study for boys on fear courage (Google)

  • "become an investment advisor" and cpa (Google)

  • bible study hard heart (Google)

  • FISHERS OF men artwork (Yahoo)

  • Bible Study on being refreshed (Google)

  • seinfeld bible study (Yahoo)

  • barbeque for 40 people (Google)

  • five fold ministry in tucson (Google)

  • 20 something mens bible study (Google)

  • Cool Men's Bible Study Cards (Yahoo)


Here are the weird ones though:
bible chicano glory (Google)
(I had a pastor that used to call me the “Chicano glory”)

chihuahua dingo (Google)
(What the h……???? What exactly are they looking for? Is there really such an animal?)

"my daughter's panties" (Google)

(Sick bastard…I hope you at least learned something when you dropped in.)

barrio bebe lowrider (Yahoo)
(Imagine that…)

And probably the one that’s the weirdest…
flyers Bible Study liberal (Google)
(I have NO freakin’ idea…)

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