Monday, October 31, 2005

Some Quick Notes on the Weekend

I closed the final door on my own experience 25 years ago. I had never named my child, nor had I ever really given him an identity or let him go. I was able to do that this weekend, and God radically changed my heart. I can now believe David Louis is with the Lord.

There were 4 ladies and a young, teenage girl there this weekend. I must be careful how I write about the weekend so as not to disclose any details that might break confidentiality. Suffice it to say that there was one salvation experience, and I saw her changed radically this weekend. Also the other ladies there were able to deal with grief that had been bottled up for so long. More than one woman admitted they had never been able to talk to anyone about thier experience before.

I guess what I'm going to focus my weekend experience on is what happened in my life. For right now, I am tired...but it's a good tired. I'm going to take it easy today, and if I feel like it, later todayI'll write down some things I started or did over the weekend.

My hope is that men will hear this message, and find hope in the realization that they can grieve also.

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