Wednesday, May 31, 2006


20 things I have been blessed with recently

  1. An office I don’t have to pay (cash) rent for

  2. An inherited client

  3. My granddaughter telling me, “I love you”

  4. My dog being healed

  5. Lobster instead of beans

  6. A place to display my artwork

  7. Not having to drive to Austin to pick something up – it was delivered to me

  8. Money in the bank

  9. 2 new friends

  10. A good night’s sleep

  11. Good health

  12. A reliable racquetball partner

  13. A lower phone bill this month

  14. A lower insurance bill this month

  15. All of my business expenses paid for – phone, business cards, stationery, furniture…

  16. A deeper understanding of who I am

  17. Getting my glasses fixed

  18. An old acquaintance from almost 30 years ago getting in touch with me

  19. Selling an old book I had in my file cabinet

  20. A professional photo of me I didn’t have to pay for

I was challenged to come up with a list of 20 ways God is blessing me right now. That’s my list. Can you think of 20 things too?

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