Saturday, March 04, 2006

Where I am is Not Where I am Going

Here's what's going on:

1. I am tired of being poor
2. I am tired of thinking small
3. I am tired of blaming my circumstances, others, and even myself for my predicament
4. I am doing something major to change all this
5. I am getting back in focus

I realized that God has been working in my life these past few years, in spite of myself. He has continued to connect me with people that have been, are, and will be instrumental in my success. God gave me a vision years ago of me helping many people be successful. He gave me a heart not only to help others, but to help them succeed in life. He gave me a heart to add value to other people, organizations, and groups.
I am on the verge of something HUGE. I believe I am being reconnected, re-energized, and refreshed in that vision. My network all of a sudden grew by leaps and bounds just this past few days, and I'll be writing more about this in the months to come. I'm excited, because the fire is coming back.

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