Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Comfort of the Father

Since I made the decision to leave my current firm, I have been looking for another broker/dealer to keep my registrations current. I have been struggling with trying to decide what direction to take, and who to talk to. It's hard to discern, sometimes, the truth in a recruiting pitch.
When my dad was alive, I could always rely on his advice and know he would tell me the whole story. I was praying this morning and telling the Lord how much I missed my dad and how I wished he was here to talk to. I gave it to God, thanking Him for being my Father, and told him I trusted Him. I thanked Him that I knew he spoke to me, and that I knew He listened when I prayed. I told Him I would keep my ears and heart attuned to Him for my direction.
I received a call from a broker/dealer's office later on this morning, and was on the phone about 20 minutes or so, discussing my needs, their services, etc. The guy asked me for the correct spelling of my name. When I told him, he remarked, "I had a good friend in San Antonio named Lou Tamez." "That's my dad!" I told him. "Well, that cements the deal, then," he said.
I thought about it later, how my dad would have probably given me the name of someone he knew that could help me. It might have been this very man's name he gave me - I don't know.. but I do know that my heavenly Father heard me, and He sent me the right person, using my dad to confirm it. And knowing my aching heart, He filled it with a memory of my dad.

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